9 Reasons Why Eating an Apple Daily is Good for Your Health


After several researches, I have decided to share this little information on Apple with you. Is there any benefit gained for eating Apple? Sure, there is. Apples are very important and have a lot of health benefits to man.

Below are reasons why you should at least eat an Apple on daily basics:

1. Apple contains some substances that could help reduce skin diseases.

2. It can help you breathe well.

3. An Apple contains major elements like Phosphorus, Iron and Calcium which are very good for you health. As you know, Calcium maintain a healthy teeth and bone. Iron is needed for the formation of hemoglobin             (formation of red blood cell) and Phosphorus helps in repairing of body cells and tissues. There are several other things these element can do in our body.

4. It is also the source for Vitamin C, A, flavonoids and many others. Vitamin C is need for healthy growth, formation of collagen that helps hold cells together and also protect the skin. Vitamin A helps the body to maintain a healthy skin, teeth and skeletal.

5. Furthermore, Apples are good source for Potassium which help promote a health heart. You can

6. As studies have shown, eating an apple daily or twice in three days can improve your respiration. It can reduce the risk of having respiratory problems e.g Asthma

7. One more important thing I love about apple is it helps by lowering insulin secretion thereby reduce cholesterol level. This point is very important.

8. If you love eating lots of apples, that is very good. Studies have shown that those eating more than one apple per day are likely to be more protected from having cancers. For more information, consult your physician.

9. Finally, this point should be the reason why you should start eating apple. Apple makes you smarter. It boosts the production of a substance called acetylcoline, it helps in transmitting messages between nerve cells. Therefore, keep your brain sharp as you age.


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