Homemade Almond Milk – Natural and Healthy !!


As you already may know almond milk is getting more and more popular to the people which are following some sort of diet. The reason for that is because it is very low in calorie comparing to regular milk, only 40 calories in 1 cup (240ml).

But unfortunately, it is more expensive than the regular milk. Don’t worry we are here to save you and show you how to make homemade almond milk. It is very simple with few ingredients and won’t cost you too much as it is in the stores. You can make it chocolate, vanilla or even any other flavor it is up to you. So here is the recipe.


  • 1/2 cup almonds
  • 4 cups filtered water
  • 2 tablespoons honey / agave (optional if you want sweeter taste)
  • few bars of dark chocolate / vanilla (optional according to your taste)


Put the almonds in a water to soak overnight. In the morning remove the almonds from the water and peel them. It is better to use the almonds peeled, because the shell has a bitter substance that is not really of great importance. Then put the almonds in a blender with the 4 cups of water and honey or agave and blend it. Also if you want add dark chocolate or vanilla. Then strain the milk with a gauze and pour it in a bottle and keep the milk in a fridge.


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